Beautiful TV Frames

Apr 12, 2022 | Interior Design

Art Deco Frame

So you have gone to great pains to make sure every part of your home is designed perfectly. But when you look up above the fireplace or on that wall you still see that ugly big black tv. We all know that having a nice flat panel can be fun for watching movies, games and streaming your newest binge worth show, but what about when it’s not being used? The picture gets even worse if it’s a dated flat panel with a poor installation, the mount and panel can hang off the wall too far with dust and a wire mess behind it. Enter Frame My TV and the Samsung frame tvFrame My Tv and Samsung have partnered up to create one of the most beautiful combos in TV history.

It all started with one guy in his garage making a simple frame for his tv. His friend’s came over and admired the work, so he started making more and more. Hotels, high end residential, bars, clubs, you name it. These were all custom frames, but once Samsung made the frame tv the game changed and now that small garage shop has transformed into an exclusive international distributor for Samsung, I’m talking about the Frame My Tv company of course.

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing the national sales manager for Frame My Tv, Tim DiFalco. Check out the recorded video below.

There are a couple things to consider when thinking about installing a Frame TV. First is what the heck to do with the One Connect Box . Here is a helpful link to get you more information. Click here for more info on One Connect Box.

The second question is to do this DIY or hire a professional? Now you can order both of these products online but the installation may require cutting sheetrock, studs, installing electrical and the complexity of the proprietary mount. A professional can navigate all of those issues for you and also bring out a sample pack for you to pick out the perfect design! This is a very fun project for you to do, and it will make all of your friends and family amazed that a tv could look so beautiful. They will hardly be able to tell the difference from an actual piece of art until you hit that button and they say, “Wow!”

If you would like one of our professionals to come out and give you a free consultation to get a frame tv setup then click here. It will take you to a schedule form where you can pick a day and time that is open and works for your schedule.