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Design Consultation

Smart Home DFW puts more than 18 years of honed smart home automation experience to work by helping interior designers, developers, architects, lighting consultants and home owners create smart technology plans that incorporates a strong design build philosophy.  At the heart of all plans is client lifestyle with attention to wellness and convenience.

We love to plan ahead and collaborate to make life easier.

The level of technology today in a home can be overwhelming.  If you consider that Smart Home now covers such things as Audio Video, Lighting, Shades, Home Theater, Security, Doorbells, Voice Control, Automation and Kitchen Appliances, it can quickly become apparent that deep knowledge and planning experience is essential in delivering what homeowners need. New trends in health and wellness automation technologies can also add to the wide assortment of options, especially in the luxury home market where most of these features are fast becoming the standard.  In many cases, it’s beneficial to the client and design team to get input that’s not heavily motivated by a sales process.

It’s important with today’s home technology that the deliverables are clear from the beginning, so that it could be part of the plan early on.  It takes time to learn what clients need and to educate all parties on what is possible.  The last thing the design team needs is to realize that they called the Smart Home Technology guys in too late, resulting in not delivering what the client wants. An even worst case is to conclude that money and time could have been saved had we been part of the project from the start.

Our Consulting Service is created to offer plans and recommendations that involve matching clients’ needs and budgets with the right systems. We fully understand product and what it takes to install projects that require a strong design sense.  Our approach is to work early on with all design team members.  When we are there early, everyone can be assured that our suggestions and product education is not swayed by “getting the job” or “winning the bid.” We are available to work for trade teams (architect, developer or designer) or directly for the client. The plans and recommendations we provide will help homeowners and design teams confidently navigate the bidding process.

Should trade teams already have A/V companies they are working with, we can also provide a second opinion or add to areas they may not cover. We look forward to showing you what makes us different.

Let’s work together to make life easier. Schedule some time with us.