What areas of the USA does Smart Home DFW service?

We currently offer service in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex area; however, you may contact us by chat, email or phone for service in other parts of the USA.

How do I get started with getting a smart care plan?

You may purchase a plan or contact us by chat, email or phone to schedule a Free 21 Point Inspection.  You may also make an appointment for a Free 21 Point Inspection here. A trained professional will come out and evaluate your system. If you have worked with us in the past and you are ready to move forward with a plan, simply make your selection on the solutions page, and checkout. A representative will quickly follow up with you to answer any of your questions.

Is there a long-term commitment or contract?

There is no long-term commitment or contract. Your membership to a smart care plan is on a month to month bases and can be cancelled at any time with 30 days written notice by email to info@smarthomedfw.com.

What is a smart care plan?

A smart care plan is a simple way to take a proactive approach to maintaining your smart home system. The simple installation of a connectivity device will enable us to scan and monitor the health, and performance of devices that are critical to keeping your smart home system in operation. It is also gives you quick access via call, text, chat or email 24-7 to support in case of technical issues or system failure. There are 3 levels of Service Plans.

Why do I need a smart care plan?

The reality is that technology is not perfect, and you will experience problems with your smart home system that you will not know how to fix on your own. In addition, most dealers do not offer after hours support and texting your AV guy on a Friday night at 8pm – the night of your big party will not offer you the level of support that you deserve.  You need a smart care plan because you’ve invested a lot in your system and you deserve to have it last a long time by being maintained and serviced by professionals who offer 24-7 support in a way that fits your lifestyle.

Can I get a smart care plan if another dealer installed my system?

We offer a free in home 21 point inspection service that you can schedule at your convenience. The visit last for 1-2 hours and during this time we will evaluate all aspects of your system. From power management, network security and lifecycle of equipment we will assess what your previous dealer has done and make recommendations to bring your system in line with our standards, so you can be prepared to experience the benefits of 24-7 support.  

Is a smart care plan an extended warranty?

A smart care plan is NOT an extended warranty. If there is a device failure, the replacement of that device is covered firstly by the manufacturers original warranty and secondly by any extended warranty you may have purchased from a third party. The labor to remove and reinstall that device is still a billable charge, although members of a smart care plan can experience the benefit of having a discounted labor rate depending on level of Plan chosen.

What happens if something is not able to be fixed remotely?

The majority of problems with your system will be able to be quickly and easily resolved remotely with call or text into your support number. There are instances where a device has a complete failure. For instance, a power protection unit has many critical components plugged into in to protect them from power surges. If there is a surge this unit may become damaged and unable to give power to the other devices. The other devices may be fine as a result of the power unit doing its job and taking the hit for them, but certain aspects of your system will not work due to this breakdown. In that case the remote support will be able to do the preliminary support ticket work and instantly pass that ticket on to dispatch. You will be contacted within 24 hours by call and email to schedule your onsite service visit.