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Audio/Visual Solutions

Your home theater needs to offer you an experience better than going to the movies, so we start with expert engineered sound for the room. With a whole house sound system and displays around the home we can help you find the perfect setup for your home. We work with the bleeding edge of tech to make everything connect with ease so you can operate everything in your domain with the push of a button.

Comfort Solutions

When you are home, it needs to be the perfect temperature for you wherever you are in the home. We strive to keep you in your perfect climate, the Goldilocks zone. Never too hot or too cold, your system keeps your home just right. This includes automatic control and push button operation through the distributed control panels in the home, or a mobile app from wherever you are in the world.

Lighting Solutions

Controlling all the lights in your home doesn't have to be confusing. We set up your system so that every room can be illuminated from a central switch hub. No more hunting for the right switch in the dead of night. With our automated and remote controlled settings, you can set your whole house to run automatically every day with the flexibility to change anything on the fly.

Security Solutions

Whether you are home or away, you can rest assured that your castle is well defended. We can help you set up your entry locks and biometrics as well as remote controls. Alarms and camera systems connect with the locks to help you rest easy wherever you roam.

Mobile Solutions

You'll never have to worry about leaving a light on with our Mobile control panel. Connect to your home from anywhere there's a connection to the internet and adjust it as if you were in your living room. This mobile control extends to your phone app as well as sending notifications of activity in your house directly to your smartwatch. 

Network Solutions

In the world today, you need to stay connected. We wire every wireless access point so that it creates a mesh of wifi across every room. Your smart home is always ready and linked to your mobile controls and this keeps all your devices streaming the next bingeworthy show.

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